How Pricing Works

Reclaim Cloud Costs

Pay only for what you use

Reclaim Cloud uses a pay as you go model that allows you to budget for your projects and pay only for the actual resources you use. You can scale up with demand as it comes and goes without paying for those limits. Costs are calculated hourly with calculators available to estimate daily and monthly usage.


What is a cloudlet?

A “cloudlet” is a unit of measurement in Reclaim Cloud equal to 128Mb of RAM and 400Mhz of CPU. A container can scale up dynamically to the maximum number of dynamic cloudlets you set and discounts are provided for reserving a minimum number of cloudlets you may need with steeper discounts as you grow.

Reserved Cloudlets

These are reserved in advance and will be charged irrespective of your actual resource usage. In exchange, you’ll receive the following discounts:


per Cloudlet per Month

  • 1-4 Cloudlets $.0039/hr
  • 5-9 Cloudlets $.0037/hr
  • 10-19 Cloudlets $.0033/hr
  • 20-39 Cloudlets $.0031/hr
  • 40-79 Cloudlets $.0029/hr

Dynamic Cloudlets

This is your resource ‘ceiling’. These cloudlets are added & removed based on actual resource usage at a particular moment in time.


per Cloudlet per Month

  • 1-4 Cloudlets $.0041/hr
  • 5-9 Cloudlets $.0039/hr
  • 10-19 Cloudlets $.0035/hr
  • 20-39 Cloudlets $.0033/hr
  • 40-79 Cloudlets $.0031/hr

Other Performance Resources to Consider:

Disk Space

Reclaim Cloud uses solid state disk drives (SSD) for performance and you only pay for what you use. You get 10GB for free and beyond that pay a low per-GB cost.

10GB Free

followed by:

  • $0.10 per GB per Month
  • *Billed hourly based on usage


Traffic usage is charged hourly with generous free tiers. Additionally all internal traffic between containers is always free.

2GB Free

per hour (1.46TB/Mo)

  • 1GB-1TB $0.000155/GB/hr
  • 1TB-5TB $0.00014/GB/hr
  • 5TB-10TB $0.000108/GB/hr
  • 10TB+ $0.000078/GB/hr


  • $0.0075 per 10,000 Requests
  • First 10TB Traffic - $0.08/GB
  • Next 50TB Traffic - $0.07/GB
  • Next 100TB Traffic - $0.06/GB
  • Next 300TB Traffic - $0.05/GB
  • Over 460TB Traffic - $0.04/GB

SSL Certificates

Free built-in SSL for all environment domains and Let’s Encrypt support for custom domain names.

Public IP Addresses



Optional Software Licensing

LiteSpeed Web Server

  • Free for up to 16 cloudlets
  • 17-64 cloudlets: $0.014/hr ($10/mo)
  • 65+ cloudlets: $0.022/hr ($16/mo)

LiteSpeed Web ADC

  • 1 cent per 1GB of traffic per hour
  • The consumption beyond 6.5TB of traffic per month is free of charge.