Let’s Talk About The Cloud

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What is Reclaim Cloud?

The term “cloud” can get bandied about when it comes to the internet, but at its core Cloud Computing was inline with the vision that resources cloud scale seamlessly based on usage rather than some perceived notion of a high-water mark of usage. Like other utilities such as water, electricity, and gas, computing power would be a resource that you would pay for based on actual usage rather than projects. 

Add to that the evolution of container-based server infrastructure, and you have the means by which you can encapsulate various technology stacks running various environments (PHP, Python, node.js, Ruby, Go, etc.) in their own container running side-by-side on the same server.

Who might be interested?

This scalable, containerized infrastructure offers a wide range of opportunities for everyone from individuals who want to easily run a project with a Docker container in the wild to institutions that want to move their infrastructure to a seamlessly scalable solution in which you only pay for usage rather than some imagined worst case scenario. 

This is also a perfect platform for professionals in the Digital Humanities and Sciences that have to spend valuable time, energy, and money on setting up bespoke server environments to host custom applications. Reclaim Cloud can provide a simple and affordable alternative for a wide-range of next-generation publishing environments and data-driven research projects.