It is exciting to finally offer services to our community that open up the possibilities of next-generation hosting. Reclaim Cloud will support various development environments through an easy-to-use interface. This will enable everything from seamless scaling of resources to instant cloning of environments to one-click access to a new array of open source applications. Reclaim Cloud moves the sense of exploration, learning, and adventure back to the center of the web.

What is Reclaim Cloud?

Reclaim Cloud is Reclaim Hosting’s containerized hosting platform. The term “cloud” can get bandied about when it comes to the internet, but at its core, Cloud Computing was inline with the vision that resources could scale seamlessly based on usage rather than some perceived notion of a high-water mark of usage. Like other utilities such as water, electricity, and gas, computing power would be a resource that you would pay for based on actual usage rather than projects. 

Add to that the evolution of container-based server infrastructure, and you have the means by which you can encapsulate various technology stacks running various environments (PHP, Python, node.js, Ruby, Go, etc.) in their own container running side-by-side on the same server.


What's Offered:


One-Click Marketplace

Installing complex applications and environments like Jitsi Meet, R Studio, and clustered WordPress Multisites with a click of a button.


Container Technology

Reclaim Cloud is powered by Docker containers allowing you to explore a massive library of software with security and flexibility baked in.


Kubernetes Hosting​

Build scalable and highly available applications that can be orchestrated across a cluster with datacenters in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Community and Support


We see the journey to the Cloud as a collaborative learning experience that we will all benefit from. Our role at Reclaim Hosting has always been one of hands-on guidance, documented advice, and sharing what we learn. In this spirit, support for exploring Reclaim Cloud will center around active community forums, on-going documentation, and focused video tutorials.


Community Forums

Learn, share, and grow alongside the community as we continue to build a next generation hosting environment.


Jelastic Documentation

Full documentation and how-to guides on using the tools available in Reclaim Cloud.


Video Tutorials

Accelerate your learning with a library of video guides that we are adding to every day on our YouTube channel.


We’re on a mission to make Reclaim Cloud the best it can be! Stay in the know as we unveil new features, tools, applications, and more. (We promise not to spam you.)